Sometimes we just need a little self-indulgence.
At this office you can receive treatments that cater to your need for some gentle self care. Here are a few options for a luxury time just for you…

SPA FOOT TREATMENTS   Would you like to have your feet and lower legs encased in a custom mix of herbs and oils specifically designed for you? This treatment is designed to bring relief to both the aches and strains we know are there, but also to help extract the toxins that accumulate in our feet.

SPA BODY WRAPS   If a foot treatment is good, how much better would it be to have your whole body cocooned in cleansing and therapeutic mixture of essential oils, herbs, and creams? Bring your skin alive and infused with renewed vitality and texture.

PARAFFIN WRAPS   Hands, Feet and Full Body / Herbal Wraps >> This luxury treatment infuses your skin with special blends of essential oils for a broad spectrum of skin and body issues. Add a custom blend of herbs for specific need such as acne or headache.

COOL LIFT FACIAL REJUVENATION   A two-hour treat for your face. The gentle action of herbs, oils, hot stones, and cool marble let your face cleanse, tone, and feel years fresher.

IONIC & FAR-INFRARED DETOX TREATMENT   Multiple scientific studies have shown this process can reduce the presence of heavy mets in recipients. We have also seen reduction in joint pain among those receiving treatment in this office.

MU-XING   This new treatment system incorporates heated rosewood and compressed, heated bamboo of various shapes to relieve deep tissue issues with less stress.

REIKI   Reiki is an oriental approach to energy therapy and diagnosis. An approved treatment system by the American Holistic Nurses Association, Reiki can be used for conditions where tissue manipulation cannot be used, such as in the immediate area of a wound or broken bone. This treatment option has been shown to improve healing and recovery as well as assist the recipient in understanding the underlying causes of physical issues.

INFRA RED SAUNA   Soothing Dry Heat Sauna. Cost: $1.00 / minute.

PA License #MSG000444 :: ABMP Member #1168589
Commissioned April 30, 2012
June 2013 Elected Chairperson ~ State Board of Massage Therapy
Nationally Certified Craniosacral Massage Therapy ~ April 2014

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